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LOHS Students Publish Zine Tackling Race

As adults, we often shortchange young minds, especially when it comes to issues like race and politics. Only when we stop to listen do we find out that not just are the youth engaging in these discussions, but in many cases, are doing so with the complexity and nuance that those of us who are supposed to be role models should be striving for. This couldn't more true for a group of LOHS students who recently began publishing a zine entitled "COLOR."

The students, Kamala GhaneaBassiri, Phyllis Chen, and Juliana Sahni released their first issue dedicated to Black History Month on Feb. 27. It features articles on Malcolm X and Islam, anti-Blackness in the Asian-American community, and what it means to be a Jewish person of color in the United States. In a letter to readers, the students wrote, "We created this zine in the hope of connecting with minority students who may feel isolated, ignored, angry, or straight-up tired. This is an outlet for us to express the thoughts we’ve been keeping in and we hope it can be one for you as well. This month’s issue is focused on Black History Month, where we bring Black voices and figures to light while tackling issues of anti-blackness. In the future, we hope to continue uplifting and bringing awareness to the marginalized communities that are so often looked over in this white suburbia."

To read the zine in its entirety, click here.

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