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VIDEO: LOHS Grad Discusses Experience as Former President of the School's Black Student Union

Correction: Earlier versions of this post inaccurately framed Mya Hudson as the founder of the Black Student Union. The group was actually founded by another group of students before Hudson got involved. On behalf of Respond to Racism, I apologize both to Mya and the other founding members for mischaracterizing the story and contributing in any way to the erasure of their contributions to Lake Oswego High School and the greater LO community.

In August 2018, I sat down with Lake Oswego High School graduate Mya Hudson to discuss her experience as the former president of the school's Black Student Union. Hudson had previously made history as the first black Student Body President at LOHS. In this interview, she discusses how she donated her Lake Oswego Rotary scholarship to help fund the group's expansion, the effect that having this resource had on her and her fellow students, and the importance of making sure the BSU continues. Check out the 4-part interview below, and for more from Hudson, make sure to read the essay she submitted to our #notanisolatedincident series.

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