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Upcoming School Board Election is a Great Opportunity for Equity

Are you an equity-minded person looking to enact change in the LO community? The Lake Oswego School Board is holding elections for two open seats this May. If this sounds like a leadership role you would be interested in, the deadline for filing the required paperwork is between Feb. 9 and Mar. 21.

The fact is, one of the most important levers of power in any city or town is the school board. The decisions we make on behalf of our students will shape our community for decades to come. Simply put, the school board is crucial to our efforts to make LO a more equitable, inclusive, and prosperous place for residents of all races and ethnicities.

If you would like to learn more and/or participate in informational trainings, please contact current board member Liz Hartman. As a precursor to running, Hartman suggests researching the local option levy and ORS 332. The Oregon School Board Association will also be hosting a free webinar about becoming a school board member on Feb. 19 (register here).

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