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Organizers Looking for Input on Resolution to Name Racism as a Threat to Public Health

As human beings, especially in our current political environment, we have a tendency to view all political decisions as all-or-nothing. If someone proposes something that isn't a magic bullet, there is inevitably a chorus of, "Well, what's the point?" Unfortunately, this collective mindset often squanders opportunities to build on important steps in the justice process.

Currently, community organizers in Clackamas County are working on a resolution that will officially classify racism as a threat to public health. This could have major implications for the justice system, healthcare, education, equity research, and much more. However, the only way to take full advantage is to be intentional in these efforts, which includes making sure people of color play a prominent role in all aspects of the process. Organizers behind the resolution are trying to do just that by inviting stakeholders to their upcoming planning meeting. For more details, read their letter below:

We need your help to make sure we include people of color and public health experts on this important resolution stating that Racism Is a Threat to Public Health. Inspired by Leslie Gregory’s work locally, and championed by her friend Connie Lee. They sought to involve others in their campaign. They envisioned a first step resolution to be taken to various groups to help shine a light on this important issue. With the help of members of the Justice Committee of the Clackamas County Democratic Party, the attached Resolution was crafted.

It was given to Travis Nelson of the Democratic Party of Oregon, who recently introduced it and got it approved by the Democratic National Party under the title, Calling on the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to Name Racism as a Threat to Public Health. The Democratic Party of Multnomah County is now in the process of approving its adoption. After receipt of this Resolution, Clackamas County Commissioner Ken Humberston has pledged to work with the Clackamas County Health Department to bring more light to this issue and pass a county version of our resolution.

How can you help? The Chair of the Clackamas County Democratic Party, Peter Nordbye, has asked that Mike Kohlhoff, as Chair of the Clackamas County Platform and Resolutions Committee work with Leslie Gregory and Connie Lee to invite people of color to discuss their ideas with the Platform and Resolutions Committee meeting, March 20, 2019. If you you would like to know the time and place of the meeting or just want to give email feedback, contact

Thank you for your help,

Leslie Gregory, Connie Lee & Mike Kohlhoff

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