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VIDEO: LOHS Alum Talks Growing Up Mixed Race, Problematic Japanese History Lessons, Passing, and Mor

Late last year, I had the pleasure of speaking with fellow Lake Oswego High School Class of 2007 alum Anna Nakano-Baker. While reflecting on her time in LO, she discussed struggling with her identity as a mixed race person despite often being treated as if she was white; staying grounded thanks to family, friends and literature; and how many of her peers no longer like claiming LO as adults; among other enlightening insights. During the interview, the multi-talented Mya Gordon (who you might recognize as the President and founder of the Lakeridge Equity Council) took photos and engaged Nakano-Baker in further intergenerational dialogue (which unfortunately wasn't captured for this piece). You can check out the videos below and to see all the photos, go to our Instagram and Facebook pages.

#lakeoswegohighschool #notanisolatedincident #mixedrace #education #equity #japanese #respondtoracism #overtracism #institutionalracism #passing

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