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LOJ Looking for Presenters for Better Together Day; Applications Due Apr. 8

Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, especially in areas with deeply ingrained issues like Lake Oswego, requires intentionality. While RTR and other organizations are working to provide community engagement opportunities, the reality is that these efforts can only go so far if we don't integrate the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion into the everyday lives and activities of LO community members. Many would consider our schools ground zero for addressing this need.

With that in mind, we're happy to report that Lake Oswego Junior High School will be holding its Better Together Day on May 24, 2019. This day-long event will be dedicated to presentations from teachers and community members about culture, arts, social issues, and advocacy. According to LOJ Principal Kevin Mills:

"We're excited to share that on May 24th we will be hosting LOJ Better Together Day. This is a day where students and community members teach and learn from each other with a goal of making LOJ a more inclusive and culturally responsive community. Each period of the day, students will sign up for a lesson led by a peer, parent, or community member focusing on Culture, Arts, Social Issues, and Advocacy.

"We are inviting students, parents and community members to share their experience and lead 60-minute sessions on one of the above topics. While students and parents will be responsible for coming up with overall concepts for their session, they will partner with teachers who will help them design lessons that will reach learning targets. Teachers will be present during sessions to support the presenter. In addition, the lessons being taught will align with the culturally responsive focus we have been implementing at LOJ. While typical content will not be covered this day, students will still be experiencing learning growth in evaluating, analyzing, critical thinking, and collaboration. By supporting students and parents to conceptualize, plan, and deliver a lesson, teachers are empowering our young people to be leaders in their own learning communities."

In their efforts to make sure they have a diverse and highly insightful group of presenters, LOJ is taking applications through Apr. 8. To apply or simply get more info, click here.

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