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Latest RtR LO Review Column Explores Intersectionality

In case you missed it, RtR now has a monthly column in the Lake Oswego Review. Our hope is to provide insight into the critical race theory terms and concepts that many in the community hear in passing but haven't otherwise taken the time to investigate. In the most recent column, RtR steering committee member Ian Egan discusses intersectionality. Here's an excerpt:

"If you haven’t heard of 'intersectionality' yet, you will. Like the familiar concept of roads converging and intersecting, it’s a framework for thinking about a person or group affected by a many layers of discrimination and disadvantage. Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw coined the word in 1989, but Sojourner Truth wrote it about in her epic speech, 'Ain’t I a Woman?' in 1851 where she compared the trials and tribulations of being a white woman to the crushing life of a poor black woman in the dark years before the Civil War.

"Simply put, intersectionality takes into account the overlapping identities and experiences that shape someone’s life perspective and belief system. For example, while a black man and black trans woman both experience racist bigotry, the black trans woman also deals with transphobia and misogyny. Thus, when we are discussing a racist incident involving a black trans woman, we can’t effectively get to the root of the issue without tackling the other layers of oppression at play."

Read the full article here.

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