LOSD School Board Applications Due Jun. 12 at 4 pm

With Senator Rob Wagner stepping down from the Lake Oswego School District Board of Directors, Position 2 is currently vacant. This is a crucial opportunity for champions of justice and equity to continue pushing LOSD forward. Senator Wagner has been a strong voice and we cannot afford to lose any of that momentum. In many ways, our school system is the epicenter for the racism that fuels LO's "Lake No Negro" reputation and those most affected have little representation in positions of real power. We strongly encourage people to apply who will fiercely fight for not just the basic safety of students of color, but for the resources and support systems for students and staff of color to truly thrive. Applications are due Friday Jun. 12 at 4 pm. You can find the link here: https://www.losdschools.org/cms/lib/OR01813384/Centricity/Domain/37/Board%20of%20Directors%20ApplicationR2%20-%20Fillable.pdf

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