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We stand in solidarity with the Asian and Pacific Islander community

Respond to Racism extends our deepest condolences to the Asian community. We stand with you at this time of loss and heartbreak.

As we reflect on yet more senseless violence and killing sprees against Asians, it has left many of us angry about the continuous disrespect of people of color and their right to be and live in these United States of America.

These hate crimes are the work of misguided people who have been used and brainwashed into believing, falsely, that members of a minority group are responsible for some societal problem. These continual lies, beckoning some to play the hero, lead to these horrific acts of violence and murder.

Watching and listening to conservative rhetoric that is false, and misleading has given these domestic terrorists and their affiliated groups an acceptance in their ranks. The perpetrators of these lies are thus responsible for these terrorist acts. The continued baiting to do harm under the auspices of acting as a ‘patriot’ must stop NOW!

Our community is sickened and disturbed by these continued attacks on innocent people. We are heartbroken at the attacks on and murder of Asians, Africans, other People of Color, and the LBGTQ community just because of who they are or the color of their skin. The relentless oppression of our Indigenous Peoples also must stop.

Our vision is for all people regardless of race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, identity and/or ability to be able to live in this country without being harmed or killed because of their identity. Striving to learn the truth about our collective history is necessary for understanding the injustice and systemic violence of our past and present. We believe that knowing that truth will inspire people to explore their own biases, reach out and talk to one another, and try to acknowledge our common humanity.

Healing begins by seeking to connect to those who are oppressed and by being willing to take action to dismantle systemic racism. Again, we extend our deepest condolences to the Asian community and we stand with you at this time of loss and heartbreak.

In solidarity,

Respond to Racism

Letter to City Council Mayor and The Rev
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