• Tara Bowen-Biggs

LO High School Allies Raise Funds and Donate to Respond to Racism

Updated: Jan 7

Good news! Two freshmen from Lake Oswego High School, Jackson and Zach, on their own initiative, decided to do a Go Fund Me fundraiser for a community organization. They told us they wanted to support Respond to Racism in LO because of all of the unrest regarding racism in our country. 

Jackson and Zach challenged themselves to each run 24 miles in 24 hours and asked people to make a donation to Respond to Racism in LO thru Go Fund Me.

Last Monday, the two presented Respond to Racism in LO Co-founder, Willie Poinsette, with a check for $4,429.22! We are absolutely thrilled with the desire of these two young men to do something for the community and for identifying Respond to Racism as the recipient of the money raised from their challenge.

Thank you Jackson and Zach!


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